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Cloud System Manager For Azure

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Are you using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365? Great News!  Cloud System manager can help create users Fast and in Bulk, saving you a lot of time creating mass numbers of Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 accounts. 

Cloud System Manager allows you to create Azure Active Directory and Office 365 user account information by using fill down and field appending functions to assist data preparing of user accounts. 

Start with a basic CSV file or just type in names, then use the fill down functions to add required or optional fields. Once the user accounts are created easily assign Office 365 or Azure licenses to the new users. ‚Äč

Office 365 Groups
Add Office 365 or Azure AD user to groups using filter and rules Learn More.  No Azure Active Directory Premium Subscriptions required.

• Bulk create Azure AD and Office 365 Users
• Bulk Licensing tool
• Quicker and simpler interface than Office web portal 
• Data preparation tools
• Add users to groups using rules and filters without premium subscriptions
• Add managers to users in bulk or by group enrollment


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How to Create 1000's of Azure Active Directory Account in minutes with Cloud System Manager