Cloud System Manager for Azure adding users to Office 365 portal with rules

In this video what I demonstrate is some of the group features that are in Cloud System Manager for a Azure

I go into groups and then bulk add users to a group. Groups are used for a lot of different things in Active Directory, Office 365, Azure Active Directory.  When you want to put people in groups that are already created, a lot of times you have to search by name,  you can search by department and different things like that.  What I'm will show is a search by job title first.  I type in sales and I have start with selected as an option.  This is going to show me all the people that are in sales as their job title in our Active Directory or our Azure Active Directory and they're also in office 365   We also have a contains selection option and I will do a search by job title sales where it just contains that and I get a little more on the results.  We have inside sales, outside sales, corporate sales, and we have a manager in listed as inside sales manager.  

We have a group for our sales associates that are in California.  Since California isn't listed in the search result I can go to the show/hide button and I can turn on the state field.  

I now can see the state for these sales people I can also filter with the additional filter button.
I can select just California or select a few other states or all of the states. 
If you have Microsoft Azure premium one or premium licenses there is a feature that's very similar to this and it's called dynamic groups and it allows you to create rules to add users to a group different 

However it costs $10 per user per month and if you're an organization and you can afford that you're very lucky there's a lot of organizations that can't afford $10 per user per month for dynamic groups if that's the only feature that they want.   There's a lot of other Active Directory and Office 365 tools out there and I've seen, and used but it seems like many of them too the cost is very high for the intial purchase or the monthly license fee
Cloud System manager for Azure there's no monthly fees, there's no subscription fees you buy for the software.  You own the software and you get the updates too.   Because this is a UWP app you get the updates when we update it.
Some of the other features that we do have is if you have some very complicated sorting and searching that filters you can also export the filter and you can load filters you so you don't have to come in here and redo those filters every single time if you're doing something very complex
This is just one feature that we have in Cloud System Manager for Azure or for your Office 365 portals t
for groups this was our bulk add and it's very similar to that dynamic group feature you can buy in the premium license from Microsoft for Azure or Office 365.


The easiest way to add Office 365 and Azure Active Directory portal users to Groups