Azure Active Directory User Tools

There are many tools for Azure Active Directory including the standard Microsoft Azure Portal.  While the free portal will do most of the basic functions we start at the very beginning when it comes to creating users.  Sometimes creating one, two, or three users can take as long as creating 100 a more.  With our Azure Active Directory User creation tools you can start with just the users first and last name and create multiple accounts in minutes and if you have to do several hundred it is just as easy.  Cloud System Manager For Azure helps you with your user data preparation, so you no longer have to write formulas or scripts in excel.


Let’s talk cost

Buying software should be easy, but many times for the enterprise it is not.  With us you buy the app and you own it including all updates.  No monthly subscription fees, no users license fees, you see the price without having to fill out a form and wait for a sales person to call you, I know I cannot be the only one who hates this when getting prices on some type of Active Directory tool for the enterprise.

Easy to download right here


Check out the video below and see one way how easy and fast it is to create bulk users for Azure Active Directory or Office 365.

How to create 1000's of Office 365 or Azure users in minutes